Longevity- mat

Back in topform on cellular level with the Longevity-mat


LongevitymatDescription of the Longevity-mat

• Two dimensions of mats possible and equipped with the same technical know how (175 x 55 of 120 x 48 cm)

• Now with more than 300 perfect body frequencies following Global Scaling Technolgoy for establishing perfect harmony for your body

• Alternating positive and negative frequencies every 2 minutes for unlocking blockages within the cells.

• Ultra low magnetic fields (1000 times lower than general pulsatiing magnetic fields) are just the carrier for the frequencies.

• NLS-system = non linear system with bodyowned waves (logarithmic like the humans and the natur).

• Medical certified system cat; IIa ( certification for the newest systems will follow soon)

• Measurements proof the efficiancy of unlocking cells up to DNA - level (test-reports and tests on request)

• Works with accu and is therefore e-smog-free.

• Build-in harmony-chip for even better results

• Headsetaplicator possible as option (for example for Tinitus treatment)

LongevitysetThe Longevity-mat • set large (practical for the treatment table of practitioners

175 x 55 cm mat including local and mini-applicator and the operating device. The system is being delivered with reachargable built-in batteries and therefore E-smog-free.

The Longevity-mat • set small (travel-set & easy for at home)

120 x 48 cm mat with the same equipment and efficiancy than the larger mat. This handy system is stored in a practical travel-bag for easy move wherever you go.


Why to use the Longevity Lounge / Longevity-mat

Imagine, that there does exist a system which is offering you the perfect body-frequencies for perfect health....

Do you have an ieda, what this means for your body to get day per day the perfect frequencies so that your body can get back to an optimal healts status?

Knowing that all deseases start with changed frequencies within the cells and organs, even without knowing this danger in the beginning, we get the first impressions, why the Longevity-systems take care for a longer and healthier life.

The more the cells are deviating from their optimal frequencies, the more we are going toward illness. Cells for example are just dieing when they loose more than 30% of energy. Cancer starts automatically when the cells are loosing more than 30% of oxygene.

By using these Longevity-systems at a daily base just for a few minutes, we are activating our cells to stay healthy much longer.

Ore like Werner Heisenberg (nobel price winnar) used to say: "Healthy cells, healthy body"....

Test the Longevity-systems during our demonstration-sessions and feel youself the differences! We measure this also with our systems in different ways.

As the effects of these systems are so spectacular and as the results are nearly incredible, we organise demonstration-sessions during saturdays where you can test the systems including life tests before and after the use of systems. ...

Next to the effects of the Longevity-mat and Longevity-Lounge, you can also experience the Longevity-concept and what this can mean for you.

People with back-problems and particular people with leg-length differences may expect that they might grow up to 1 inch after the session. Most of the time, the leg-length differences are just gone....

These systems are currently the onliest systems on the market which offers you these posibilities. They offer an extra-dimension to kinesitherapists, dentists, psychologists, Fitness-centers,Beauty-farms, Retreats and health centers....

If you are not satisfied with your Longevity-mat after three months, we are happy to sell your mat with deduction of the hire for three months (3 x 200 Euro) to the next client showing up. This gives you the warranty that you can even step back from your new Longevity-mat.

Therapists, doktors and consumers can contact us for an individual meeting to explore this extraordinary system (lounge or mat). You can come to our Longevity-days or for an individual meeting. For dates of the Longevity-days please look at our event pages.



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