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Oberon in a nutshell

The root causes of an illness are not always identidal with the symptoms (about 80% are not itdentical). Therefore a symptomatic treatment is very often not satisfying. A measurement with Oberon offers here solutions by finding these root causes.

The classical medicine works nearly always with symptomatic treatments. Oberon however works in a holistic way. He shows the symptoms but also the underlaying causes. He shows them and than body can be treaed there. Oberon shows dozens of groups next to the classical pathology: toxins, geopatic stress, geobiologic problems, nerves, emotions, psychovegetative problems and trauma's.... Oberon shows also other causes (teeth toxins, vaccines.... ) which are causing the pathologic state of the body.

The doctor or practitioner treats the patient with the best possible combination of treating frequencies. Than he can transform the whole treatment of the patient into a MP3 file where he can add also spcial and specific basic treatment frequencies (f.e. heartvessel problems, cancer, metabolic problems.... ). During the examination with Oberon the doctor or pratitioner can select and test the best possible combination of frequenceis (f.e. homeopathy, phytotherapy, spagyric, nutrition, affirmations, inversed negative frequencies and many more...). He than put these frequencies onto water, chip or globuli. The patient also will have these perfect freqencies and also the full treatment for his way to health at a daily base.

The patient is using the MP3 files and also the programmed water (customised homeopathy) to continue the treatment of his own body. The patient comes back in 4 weeks time and for evalutation and check-up with Oberon. The unique combination between TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with the most advanced Russian Frequency medicine with German production shows you the medicine of the future on his best: Frequency medicine in a medical certified European system which measures and treats with lightspeed up to 90 billion points. There is no comparision with other systems in this class.

Oberon shows and treats also underlaying psychological causes and shows clearly the link between the pathology and the psychological causes.

Oberon measures full atuomatic up to DNA level and go's itself in depth where needed. Oberon can be delivered in German or English languages. We however are offering to our clients special softwareapplications so that you can give your clients the most important information in their own language: the food list and the allergy list. This is a specail and needed service Ama-vita is offering to their clients free of charge.

Oberon for preventional and holistic medicine

Everybody knows that prevention is much better than curing afterwards. However we are still in the class of first get ill and than look how we can repare this again society.... With Oberon you can make the swiitch to preventative medicine. By this way you can prevent a desease long time before the desease might give the patient sometimes not reversable consequences (stroke...). This because Oberon sees longtime in advance the beginning of health challanges and can counteract also long time before the illness would be felt by the patient himself. This is the perfection of health prevention.

Why should I work witht Oberon?

There is no other system on the market that can offer you the same amount of precision with 90 billion measurementpoints than Oberon. Oberon has the medical clasification for Europe and for China. Oberon combines the 150 year old and very modern Western medicine with the 5000 year old Eastern Traditional Chinese Medicine. This combination of high tech tiwh ancient wisedom is unique.

Oberon can not only analyse, treat and propose the best posssible frequency combination for the specific situation but can also inverse any disturbing frequencies to cancel them out. Even trauma's, psychological reasons and subjects and toxins can be be treated this way. The findings of psychological underlaying reasons is becoming more and more importance....


Who works best with Oberon?

In the first line holistic minded doctors who want to treat the causes, therapists and specialists, psychologues and Food professionals...As Oberon can measure any different frequencies in the whole body including trauma's, this system is offering the most advanced technolgy as basic system for any holistic doctor or therapist.


You can meet us with Oberon life during our Longevity-days where we will always work practically with all systems so that you can see und feel yourself what Oberon can do. We have special Oberon-sessions with intensive testings and demonstrattions on the Oberon intensive days... For more information and dats please visit your Events page. You can contact me for further information and for a live demonstration in our center, by skype or in your practice.


Oberon is part of our project with a Pilot Center in holistic Medicine.

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