Hire Oberon and get your own experiences

Hire Oberon for three months inclusive Oberon training

OberonmetingFor those who want first experience fully Oberon before purchasing, we have the 3 month hire formula. You get the full training to start up inclusive two days basic training in Hamburg (in German). You stay in touch with us for support and we guide you through the first three months of Oberon experiences.

If you want full training in English, French, Dutch, German or Spanish, we can arrange this for you in our center or at your practice. More than 7 years active experiences and trainings give you the best possible support at any case. Our own permanent training withiin the producer keeps us always at the newest level.

We did develop our own software application for translating the food-lists and the allergy-lists into your language automatically within a few steps. You will need these lists for your clients, naturally in their language.

By skype we can discuss cases together and give you online support. You will be able to export analysis so that I can import them and check them also.

Of course buying his own system and getting started straight away is the best option. However, if you are hesitating but you have the confidence to change to a mor hollistic approach and working with the real root causes of your patient, this might be the best option.

Contact me for taking the next step forward your own experiences with Oberon. You can also first get a presentation by skype on distance wherefore we have a special system also. You find all details on our contact page

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Oberon is offering such a large field of measurements and treatments that we organise regulary special Oberon intensive days to professionals who wants to meet Oberon in action. You can find the dates under events on this website.




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