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Oberon, much more than just bioressoance

ProgrammaablaufAn overview about the technical performances and characteristics of Oberon shows clearly the advantages of the Oberon systems.

• Non linear system works from 10 Ghz to 343 Thz (biophotones/ celcommunication)

• 90 billion measurement points (

• Transmission by biophotons

• Automatic in depth scan at specific pathogenic situations

• Automatic detailed scan, standard scan or quick scan

• Possibility to add any manual scans

• Direct treatment by the system

• Transmission of best possible frequency mix of products withing the system onto water, chip or globuli. Treatment by the client with this personalised water (chip or globuli)

• Transmission of the complete treatment into MP3 files. Treatment of the client by his own MP3 files.

• Very big range of groups for analysis and transfer of trequencies: pathology, toxins, homeopathy, food, food allergies, nutrition, food-supplements, vaccines, basic frequencies, central nervous system, psychvegetative problems and situations, trauma's of various stages in live, chacra's, healing stones, phtytherapy, spagyric, affirmations, geoptath!ic stres and geopathy, colors, teeth problems, thees products (toxic ones)...

• Measurement of enttropie (how much is the organ/ bodypart away from optimum frequencies?

• Measurement of degenerative processes by the non lineair analysis (f.e. cancer)

• easy setup of personalised food-list and allergylist (special translationprogramm offered for free to our Oberon clients).

• Visual scanning easy to follow by the patient

• Measurement and treatment up to DNA level

• Extern and intern testing of any product.

• Detailed zooming in to particular bodyparts

• Very quick analysis possible with overview of body frequencies with cut throughs of the body

• Report with pictures and special report programm possible with easy transfer during the measurement. This report can be filled up later on in MS Word.


Oberon in comparition with other systems

1. Systems with elelctomagnetic waves and/of non lineaire system

These systems can impossibly treat a great amount of information. The amount of measurementpoints are therfore very limited. Systems like Metatron works with a frequency of 4,9 GHz and an additional frequency u to 40 Ghz. This kind of waves is a transversale wave which is expanding like a faling drop in the water. This system works also with light speed.

With this system the electromagnetic waves are being sent at an angle of 0°. This means that this radiation will have electrical and eelctromagnetic consequences on our body (Electrosmog). These non linear systems which are working only on magnetisme can not pass a big amount of information simultany.

Oberonwerkbereik2. Oberon with lighquantumradiation

These lightquantumwaves is a partical radiation of called lightwuantumwave. If these waves are as fast as the light, they can not be distinguished from quantumlight. The speed is here 300.000 km/hour. If this is a carrier, we speak of partical radiation. These waves are part of the potential waves. This had been proofed by the famous profesor Dr. A. F. Popp.

A partical radiation is a radiation where one particle is bouncing to another particle. We talk here about vector radiation. This is a radiation in a specific direction which is different to the earlier mentioned circular radiation, calles transversalradiation.

All partical radiation are by definition longitudinal waves or scalar waves. Here Oberon works under a complete different physical principle than any other non lineair systems. In old times, Oberon worked also with the transversal waves. The change to scalar waves do rise the longitunale waves and their vibrant fieldsigns also into the informaion density by 3 to 4 tenpotentials. This is humangenetically without any side effects.

The Oberon systems work with a photonwave of 875 nm between 10 Ghz and 343 Thz.

This means that the Oberon systems are with their diagnostic results more precicely wit the factor 1.000 to 10.000 times than all other systems of the NLS diagnosticfamily, whereunder Metatron from IPP.


The adapted potentialwaves change the physical worldimage in the base. On your request, we can sent you this information in his original version.

If you might need more tedhnical information: mail or ring us.

Read more about Oberon under basis information....

Watch the Oberon video's...

Oberon is offering such a large field of measurements and treatments that we organise regulary special Oberon intensive days to professionals who wants to meet Oberon in action. You can find the dates under events on this website.








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