Balance your body with our 'Voice-analyser'

How does the voice-analyser works?

The Voice-analyser records your voice in 21 seconds. The recording is being split automatically in three recordings of 7 seconds. Than you go to the archieve , you select your actual (or older for comparision) recording. With one more click you see the frequency spectrum of the three recordings. You select the highest and lowest pieking points and note the frequencies and the tones. The therapist can lookup in charts with the results what might be the reason of the unbalanced voice-frequencies. The given tones and colors indicate also underlaying reasons of the voice-peaks.

Than the therapist can transform with the Voice-analyser these too high and too low peaks into a treatment file. Added delta-waves gets the treatment right into the unconscious mind where the body will balance each time a bit more when listening tot the balanced frequencies. The balancing recording is just 2 x 9 minutes. These files can be put on audio CD or sent to the client as WAV file. The patient can best listen to the balancing WAV-files when he/she is going to bed (headphone or speakers).

Depending on the amount of listening tot these frequencies, the client comes back for a new recording within 1 to 3 months. A new recording shows what had been approved. The new peaking frequencies will be used for finetuning the highest and lowes peaks.

Double controlled measurements with Oberon show that this simple looking system is exactly hitting where the client is having problems. By balancing the peaks, even health problems can be balanced by taking off the root causes.... The more the client is using this system on a monthly base, the better he / she is getting balanced.

This wonderfull treatment can be done on distance if we get a recording in uncompressed WAV-file (change your settings in recording and in I-tunes). We call this 'balancing your internal piano'.

More information about our Voice-analyser.

Therapists and doctors can contact us for an individual meeting to test this system which works so easy but profoundly that you will love to work with. Visit our Longevity-days, make an appointment in our center or make a skype apointment to see our voice-analyser in action. If you sent us your own recording we are happy to tell you how you can approve and you can use our treatment audiofies for testing purposes. If you want to come to our Longevity-days, please visiet our event page for more practical information.



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