We offer systems for:

Doktors/Specialists • Naturopaths • Therapists • Psychologist • Logopedists • Acupuncturists • Dentists • Kinesietherapists • Osteopaths • Topsportmen • Trainers • Veterinarian • Energyworkers • Wellness & Spa's • Indiciduals and healthorientated people

Welcome to our Longevity-systems website

Discover our high-tech-systems as professional or as a health-orientated individual. We offer you the possibility to test and measure you with our systems in our Ama-vita Center or in your practice personally.

Wij organise every month Longevity-discovery-days. You can use them and test them also with multiple systems.


11 en 12 maart: presentatiedagen van onze systemen:


Powerlight • Longevity-mat • METAVITAL®HUMAN/HORSE (Oberon)


1 en 2 april: internationale Konferenz METAVITAL®HUMAN/HORSE


Volg live de konferentie in Duitsland en maak intenisef kennis met dit systeem

We give intensive trainings and information about the systems and offer always a good after sales support.

7 april: holistische dag voor professionals (Nederlands)


Burn-out oplosingen met systemen, Energy Medicine en psychologie


8 en 9 april: simultaanvertaling von der Konferentei bij Ama-vita


De Duitse Konferentiedagen simultaan vertaald in het Nederlands


21 april: journée holistische pour professionels (en Francais)


Burn-out et solutions pratiques suivant la médicine holistique

22 en 23 april: conférence traduit simultané en Francais chez Ama-vita

Toute la conférence de Metavital traduit en ligne en Francais

See you soon!

















Reinhard Becker

Ama-vita • Trainer in 5 languages • Distribution of high tech health-systems and products

Not Lineair Systeemanalyst • Eden Energy Medicine Certified Praktioner • Matrix Energetics practioner • EFT Praktioner

Building Biologist & Geobiologist

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